1. Zoom Against The Machine PS1, Iowa City

    2020-07-25 19:50:52 UTC
    A live screening of video-conference-platform-inspired new media work from an open call conceptualized and organized by Media Arts Co-op member Donna Bummer. Davy Walker and Myself collaborated on a virtual audio-visual performance. Watch the entire collection of fun and experimental video shorts which reflect on our new social reality here.    

  2. Commiserate Chicago

    2020-04-01 18:17:56 UTC
    Commiserate Chicago 2020  Commiserate Chicago is an inaugural new media arts festival seeking to reflect on the state of media art, particularly in the context of Chicago, a city with a legacy of new media art and an emerging generation of artists. Local and international artists are invited to exhibit…

  3. CodeX: Playable & Disruptive eArt

    2020-03-10 14:43:16 UTC
    CODEX: PLAYABLE & DISRUPTIVE FUTURIST EART This exhibition of leading-edge digital art, or eArt, investigates the future of human society through technology, innovation and design. Jason Baerg, Tom Barker, Rob Elsworthy, Samantha Fickel, Dennis Kavelman, Nick Puckett, Six Trends Inc., Jane Tingley, Dr. Cindy Poremba and Marius Kintel

  4. Review Solo Exhibition INTERSPACE

    2018-07-28 15:47:20 UTC
    New City Art - A Rent Screen: Samantha Fickel Explores the Digital and Liminal at Stuart & Co.

  5. Review of Touch Screen @ Her Environment !

    2018-04-01 16:03:19 UTC
    New City Art - Between the Body and the Touchscreen: A Review of “Murmurs and Palpitations: Her Environment #7” at TCC Gallery

  6. VECTOR FEST 2017

    2017-07-22 16:12:34 UTC
    98.6°  WILL BE FEATURED THIS SUMMER IN VECTOR FESTIVAL 2017, TORONTO  PATTER RECOGNITION @InterAccess | July 14th – August 12th 2017 | FREE Vector Festival Website: Tickets: FacebookPage: Twitter: